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She Persisted with Lisa Nolan of Lioness Nation and Indivisible Resisters: Passionate, progressive, and p*ssed off!

I am happy to introduce my NEWish podcast for progressives! She Persisted with Lisa Nolan of Lioness Nation: Passionate, progressive, and p*ssed off! It is a platform for Democrats, Liberals, Progressives, and left-wing Independents who were shocked at the outcome of Trump winning the election! Listen to the introductory episode (Episode 00) in which I introduce the podcast, and tell you about myself and whether my family is better off than we were eight years ago when Obama took office! Listen to the first episode (Episode 01) in which I read the first chapters in my memoir about my retired father's opioid addiction; and listen to my second (and most popular) episode in which I tell my healthcare story including my family's, and my thoughts on ACA and Obama Care. Subscribe at: 
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~Lisa Nolan